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Are you an MC or rapper looking for crazy beats ?...Or maybe a techno head needing some funky drops... Andy is your man!

Do you have a video or film you need an original soundtrack for? Andy composes produces and records the music track  to perfectly complement your visual ideas. 

Andy records mixes and masters 100% in the box... ie very little outboard gear required.

This makes recording extremely portable...

Eclectic styles...

acoustic, electric, techno, ambient, old school, new school...

guitar-based, keyboard-based,  orchestral,  or electro... 

Check out the CD shop page (above) to hear some recent recordings or click on Fantasy Caves Radio where Andy uploads all his work. 

Music Production Services

Do you have some songs that you'd like to work on and then record? Andy works with you to capture your ideas and then adds whichever elements you'd like.